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D Varelas

D.Varelas_Hymn_4_voices_t.sax_dr.set 4.803.11.11 17:05:320:05:03128S44
D.Varelas_Safari_1_ob_mrb_(c.r.).mp3 17:08:210:01:06128S44
D.Varelas_4_variations_without_theme 0.603.11.11 17:02:430:00:39128S44
D.Varelas_In_Memory_5_mz-sopr_fl_cl_ 4.503.11.11 17:07:020:04:41128S44
D.Varelas_4_variations_without_theme 1.803.11.11 16:58:420:01:53128S44
D.Varelas_4_romances_4_mz-sopr_str.o 2.403.11.11 17:02:380:02:34128S44
D.Varelas_Sonata_in_D_cello_piano_2,11.604.07.13 09:41:11no artistAudioTrack 02no title0:12:07128S44
D.Varelas_4_variations_without_theme 0.603.11.11 17:00:200:00:42128S44
D.Varelas_4_romances_2_mz-sopr_str.o 3.403.11.11 17:00:150:03:34128S44
D.Varelas_Hommage_a_Piazzolla_3_cl_v 4.303.11.11 17:03:190:04:29128S44
D.Varelas_Hommage_a_Piazzolla_1_cl_v 5.903.11.11 17:01:060:06:08128S44
D.Varelas_The_Mad_Clock_pn_(c.r.).mp 17:07:360:04:21128S44
D.Varelas_4_romances_3_mz-sopr_str.o 3.303.11.11 17:01:330:03:30128S44
D.Varelas_Sonata_in_D_cello_piano_1p 7.304.07.13 09:55:50no artistAudioTrack 01no title0:07:39128S44
D.Varelas_In_Memory_4_mz-sopr_fl_cl_ 1.603.11.11 17:05:450:01:43128S44
D.Varelas_In_Memory_2_mz-sopr_fl_cl_ 4.503.11.11 17:08:120:04:41128S44
D.Varelas_Adagio_two_vcs.mp3 8.304.07.13 09:48:46no artistAudioTrack 03no title
D.Varelas_In_Memory_3_mz-sopr_fl_cl_ 2.903.11.11 17:08:450:03:02128S44
D.Varelas_In_Memory_1_mz-sopr_fl_cl_ 4.303.11.11 17:06:270:04:32128S44
D.Varelas_Safari_2_ob_mrb_(c.r.).mp3 1.603.11.11 17:08:590:01:41128S44
D.Varelas_4_variations_without_theme 17:01:430:01:18128S44
D.Varelas_Safari_3_ob_mrb_(c.r.).mp3 17:05:530:01:04128S44
D.Varelas_4_romances_1_mz-sopr_str.o 4.503.11.11 16:58:270:04:42128S44
D.Varelas_Hommage_a_Piazzolla_2_cl_v 17:02:180:04:22128S44

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