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Susan Duffy - Track 02.mp3 2.902.02.05 15:11:21Susan DuffyTrack 02Demo0:03:02128S44
Duffy Driediger-god Of Science.mp3 4.403.03.29 23:39:40Duffy Driedigergod of science2003God of ScienceCD'n'Go! Suite 2.00.9450:04:36128S44
Susan Duffy - Track 03.mp3 1.602.02.05 15:12:18Susan DuffyTrack 03Demo0:01:41128S44
Susan Duffy - Honey Bun.mp3 04:04:25Susan DuffyHoney BunSusan
Reflections-ChiefDuffy.mp3 3.402.03.16 05:39:07Reflections-_Chief_DuffyReverend_McCree0:07:07 64S22
Duffy.mp3 22:04:560:03:03 96M44
Petrol_-_Duffy_Moon.mp3 3.700.03.23 21:38:540:03:56128S44
Stoutmeyer-Duffy.mp3 14:44:20
Duffy_05_02_02.mp3 19:15:570:02:39 64M22
Pam.mp3 0.900.09.18 00:27:35DuffyPamAlbum0:00:57128S44
Nirvana - 13 Been A Son-Stain.mp3 6.800.07.12 19:52:05NirvanaBeen a Son - Stain1990Stiff Drinks - Duffy's Bartrack 13 - Lincoln,
Snakes.mp3 17:45:16North Texas Wind Symphony - EugeDuffy - Snakes! - Gr. 2Teaching Music Through Performan0:03:25128S44
Duffy_Street_1.mp3 1.702.04.07 23:52:14
Nirvana - 14 Negative Creep.mp3 4.700.07.12 19:53:52NirvanaNegative Creep1990Stiff Drinks - Duffy's Bartrack 14 - Lincoln,
Duffy.mp3 0.702.04.04 17:32:47G.RedaelliTitle 06Unknown TitleRecorder: ACXtractor
Duffy Driediger-moon.mp3 4.703.03.29 23:42:18Duffy Driedigermoon2003God of ScienceCD'n'Go! Suite 2.00.9450:04:57128S44
Duffy Driediger-in The Old Testament 3.603.03.29 23:37:14Duffy Driedigerin the old testament2003God of ScienceCD'n'Go! Suite 2.00.9450:03:51128S44
Duffy_05_02_02.mp3 19:15:570:02:39 64M22
Duffy_05_02_02.mp3 19:15:570:02:39 64M22
Skow-shelovesme.mp3 3.500.11.01 22:14:12Stephen DuffyShe Loves Me0:03:43128S44
Duffy_Punk_-_Asdrubale.mp3 0.9Duffy PunkAsdrubale0:01:00128S44
MistaDistah - Arkanoid Intro (Longer 3.2MistaDistahArkanoidIntro(LongerVersion)2001Mikael Ericsson DuffyDedicated to the mig0:09:06 48S32
Susan Duffy - Track 01.mp3 1.302.02.05 15:09:44Susan DuffyTrack 01Demo0:01:23128S44
SierraReunion.mp3 23:46:20duffySierra Reunionsierra-quest.com0:07:20128M44
Dante.mp3 22:46:29Duffy PsDanteAlbum0:03:20128S44
Duffy_Punk_-_Asdrubale.mp3 0.9Duffy PunkAsdrubale0:01:00128S44
Susan Duffy - If I Were A Bell.mp3 1.902.11.19 04:04:57Susan DuffyIf I Were A BellSusan
Duffy_Punk_-_Asdrubale.mp3 0.9Duffy PunkAsdrubale0:01:00128S44
Myrddin_molly_malone.mp3 2.503.11.28 14:25:02MyrddinQMolly Maloneat Duffy bar0:02:38128S44
6989a1.mp3 0.600.04.26 17:54:23Sneed, James; Duffy, J.F., andSouthern Rag1999"Now What a Time" : Blues, GospeSee collection restriction state0:03:27 24M22
Myrddin_sally_anne.mp3 3.503.11.28 14:25:04MyrddinQSally Anneat Duffy bar0:03:40128S44
Lv_kiss-my-root.mp3 20:35:54"Tin Tin" Duffy v Beastie BoysKiss My Root0:08:26128S44
Maureen Duffy - 93 Acura Integra RS. 23:55:31Maureen Duffy93 Acura Integra RS2002Released under Creative Comomns0:01:31192S44
Maureen Duffy - Wiggletuft.mp3 23:57:12Maureen DuffyWiggletuft2002I wrote this for a computer
Maureen Duffy - Whenever.mp3 0.903.07.27 23:56:10Maureen DuffyWhenever2002Made from a single violin smpl0:01:01128S44
Midday Duffy.mp3 8.803.12.26 17:32:55
Maureen Duffy - (Aero Soundtrack) - 1.303.07.27 23:53:39tribal0:01:22128S44
Maureen Duffy - (Aero Soundtrack) - 2.503.07.27 23:53:04Maureen DuffyRobo (Shocker 9000 Planet Them2003Aero SoundtrackReleased under Creative Commons0:02:38128S44
Snakes.mp3 17:45:16North Texas Wind Symphony - EugeDuffy - Snakes! - Gr. 2Teaching Music Through Performan0:03:25128S44
Snakes.mp3 17:45:16North Texas Wind Symphony - EugeDuffy - Snakes! - Gr. 2Teaching Music Through Performan0:03:25128S44
SoFarAway.mp3 16:20:05Stephen Duffy & the Lilac TimeSo Far Away2003Keep Going0:03:12128S44
AlreadyGone.mp3 5.603.07.31 16:13:12Stephen Duffy & the Lilac TimeAlready Gone2003Keep Going0:05:55128S44
Rats.mp3 5.303.07.31 16:18:21Stephen Duffy & the Lilac TimeDon't feed the rats2003Keep Going0:05:36128S44
OhGod.mp3 3.703.07.31 16:15:22Stephen Duffy & the Lilac TimeOh God2003Keep Going0:03:56128S44
Julia Duffy.mp3 0.503.03.30 23:40:1020000:00:34128S44
Myrddin-molly_malone.mp3 2.502.10.27 12:08:45MyrddinQMolly Malone1998MyrddinQ at Duffy Pub0:02:38128S44
Mr Duffy.mp3 1.703.01.17 18:12:0020020:03:38 64S22
You Are So Beautiful.mp3 01:08:02Paul Duffy featuring Larry Mar0:05:21128S44
EmilyTheElephant.mp3 1.503.04.05 02:04:25DuffyEmily the Elephant2003Duffy Songs
01-1-Lenik-Cool Cats Rock.mp3 1.303.04.11 13:29:45Duffy1-Lenik-Cool Cats RockDuffy Songs
Jimmy.Lloyd.-.Duffy.Moon.mp3 4.803.10.07 21:57:24Jimmy LloydDuffy Moon0:04:01160S44
20years.mp3 15:00:40Michael D. DuffyTwenty Years Along2000Twenty Years Along0:03:19128S44
51-05-04_DUFFY'STAVERN__IT'SLATINNIG 02:41:100:29:22 24M22
031109.mp310.103.11.14 03:19:31Rev. Duffy RobbinsJoshua and JerichoSermon © 2003, 02:20:17The Color BarsFather Duffy's Statue2004Demo CD0:02:12128S44
Duffy's Tavern 51-04-13 Archie Hires 06:45:250:29:56 32M22
01-1-Lenik-Cool Cats Rock.mp3 1.303.04.11 13:29:45Duffy1-Lenik-Cool Cats RockDuffy Songs
Duffy Punk_fumetto.mp3 18:57:38Duffy PunkFumetto1999Antani0:02:18128S44
Patrick Duffy VO.mp3 17:20:27
Stephentintinduffy_kissme.mp3-link.m 4.904.06.10 22:20:23Stephen Tin Tin DuffyKiss Me With Your Mouth
EmilyTheElephant.mp3 1.503.04.05 02:04:25DuffyEmily the Elephant2003Duffy Songs
6989a1.mp3 0.600.04.26 17:54:23Sneed, James; Duffy, J.F., andSouthern Rag1999"Now What a Time" : Blues, GospeSee collection restriction state0:03:27 24M22
Duffy Bishop - Piece Of My Heart.mp3 3.903.11.26 03:18:340:04:07128S44
Preimpeachmentblues.mp3 3.304.07.07 07:25:26Kathryn & Duffy & the Enemies LiPre-Impeachment BluesLindsey Buckingham Sessions Vol.0:02:47160S44
Boy.mp3 0.900.10.08 12:48:51Margaret DuffyTrack 100:01:00128S44
Amsterdam.mp3 2.800.09.17 14:36:29Margaret DuffyTrack 08Amsterdam0:03:00128S44
TAPB-MSR1-Duffy04.mp3 3.504.06.27 21:57:50Tulach Ard Pipe BandTrack 12004Duffy Memorial Concert
Scottschaefferduffy-cw-aug102003.mp317.703.08.11 13:58:37Scott Schaeffer-DuffyScott Schaeffer-Duffy intervie20030:18:27128S44
TAPB-Medley-Duffy04.mp3 4.404.06.27 21:53:36Tulach Ard Pipe BandTrack 22004Duffy Memorial Concert
MistaDistah - Parallax (4 A Leone We12.9MistaDistah (M E Duffy)Parallax (4ALeone Western Mix)2001[A shout to all ya C64ers...]mickeduffy@lycos.com0:35:54 48S32
Monday.mp3 5.404.07.11 20:52:23The Mamas & The PapasMonday, Monday2001All the Leaves Are Brown: TheDuffy Collection
Matthew_Duffy_-_Electric_Shock.mp3 3.404.07.26 22:53:32Matthew DuffyElectric ShockHERE I COME0:03:34
Duffy_Julia_com.mp3 0.503.12.13 04:32:200:00:26160S44
Julia Duffy.mp3 0.503.04.22 15:00:5420000:00:34128S44
Duffy's Tavern 51-04-20 Archie Wants 6.704.09.11 07:19:070:28:09 32M22
TheWhitlams_DuffysSong.mp3 3.504.09.26 12:08:00The WhitlamsDuffy's Song0:03:39128S44
Track 01.mp3 3.904.03.05 01:30:09Track 010:04:04128S44
Track 06.mp3 2.704.03.05 01:30:26Track 060:02:50128S44
Track 13.mp3 2.404.03.05 01:31:20Track 130:02:32128S44
Track 02.mp3 0.704.03.05 01:30:11Track 020:00:45128S44
Track 14.mp3 01:31:31Track 140:09:37128S44
Track 11.mp3 0.804.03.05 01:30:55Track 110:00:55128S44
Track 05.mp3 01:30:23Track 050:02:19128S44
Track 09.mp318.804.03.05 01:30:52Track 090:19:37128S44
Track 08.mp3 1.904.03.05 01:30:29Track 080:01:58128S44
Track 03.mp3 5.304.03.05 01:30:17Track 030:05:34128S44
Track 12.mp316.504.03.05 01:31:16Track 120:17:12128S44
Track 04.mp3 1.904.03.05 01:30:20Track 040:01:59128S44
Track 10.mp3 01:30:54Track 100:01:13128S44
78rpm.mp3 0.504.04.04 15:09:11
Bacteria.mp3 16:16:37Rain SkiktluBacteria2003Treeneiss4/1/20030:03:24160S44
Hunger.mp3 4.303.01.08 16:19:27Rain SkiktluHunger2003Treeneiss4/1/20030:03:35160S44
Incomplete.mp3 5.703.01.08 16:23:13Rain SkiktluFeeling Incomplete2003Treeneiss4/1/20030:04:49160S44
Affittasi.mp3 17:15:490:02:52 96S44

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