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FileSizeDate/timeArtistTitleYearAlbumCommentLengthBi..C..S.. 0.601.04.26 14:44:09Robert KnightEarthWatch Calls/statement 032001
20031014.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:58:18Earthwatch Radio: Bird Memorie20030:02:00128M44
20030805.mp3 18:32:27Earthwatch Radio: Musky Pox20030:02:05128M44
20031211.mp3 18:02:12Earthwatch Radio: No Place Lik2003A big fish from China escaped in0:02:05128M44
20030808.mp3 18:32:40Earthwatch Radio: Easier Life20030:02:05128M44
20031103.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:59:41Earthwatch Radio: Mystery Mole2003Wildlife experts try to unravel0:02:01128M44
20031204.mp3 18:01:49Earthwatch Radio: Spreading Fi2003The world is losing more forests0:02:05128M44
20031125.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:00:56Earthwatch Radio: Engineering20030:02:00128M44
20031229.mp3 18:03:06Earthwatch Radio: Chemical Coc2003Some glaciers have become ice lo0:02:05128M44
20030807.mp3 18:32:36Earthwatch Radio: A Move Towar20030:02:05128M44
20031219.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:39Earthwatch Radio: A Tainted Sp2003The migration of salmon in the P0:02:00128M44
20030811.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:32:45Earthwatch Radio: Best Friends20030:02:03128M44
20031202.mp3 18:01:38Earthwatch Radio: Hot Pursuit2003The government of Australia is g0:02:05128M44
20031225.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:57Earthwatch Radio: Hot Air Snow2003Global warming might produce a l0:02:01128M44
20031117.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:00:26Earthwatch Radio: Octopus Brai2003People who study intelligence in0:02:04128M44
20031210.mp3 18:02:08Earthwatch Radio: Flames and F2003Global warming might bring more0:02:05128M44
20031215.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:22Earthwatch Radio: Looking for2003A disease called "river blindnes0:02:04128M44
20031001.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:57:44Earthwatch Radio: Roadside Pra20030:02:00128M44
20031118.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:00:31Earthwatch Radio: Persistent P2003An inert and seemingly indestruc0:02:01128M44
20031205.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:01:54Earthwatch Radio: Two Hulls fo2003Regulations in the United States0:02:04128M44
20030813.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:32:53Earthwatch Radio: Unchecked Al20030:02:04128M44
20030806.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:32:31Earthwatch Radio: Lyme Awarene20030:02:04128M44
20031203.mp3 18:01:43Earthwatch Radio: Kill Bill2003A Minnesota activist says the U.0:02:05128M44
20030930.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:44:02Earthwatch Radio: Pushing Poll20030:02:00128M44
20031126.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:01:00Earthwatch Radio: From Air to2003We've put a lot of carbon dioxid0:02:03128M44
20031209.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:03Earthwatch Radio: Species that2003Plants and animals that invade n0:02:04128M44
20030801.mp3 18:32:19Earthwatch Radio: Conservation20030:02:06128M44
20031223.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:49Earthwatch Radio: State of Pro2003Minnesota is charting its own co0:02:02128M44
20030804.mp3 18:32:23Earthwatch Radio: Guiding Ligh20030:02:05128M44
20031105.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:59:48Earthwatch Radio: A Subject Th20030:02:04128M44
20031107.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:59:56Earthwatch Radio: A Subject th2003A fisheries expert says the fiel0:02:02128M44
20031023.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:58:45Earthwatch Radio: Quiet Crisis20030:02:00128M44
20031201.mp3 18:01:33Earthwatch Radio: A Web Site w2003Extraordinary solar flares this0:02:06128M44
20031119.mp3 18:00:36Earthwatch Radio: Slow to Reco2003Nature does not bounce back quic0:02:06128M44
20031212.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:17Earthwatch Radio: Think Locall2003Global-scale environmental probl0:02:04128M44
20040310.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:02Earthwatch Radio: Gardeners of2004The great apes of A0:02:00128M44
20031114.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:00:22Earthwatch Radio: Sick Houses2003A Canadian author says your home0:02:03128M44
20030926.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:45:16Earthwatch Radio:20030:02:04128M44
20040301.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:08:34Earthwatch Radio: Icebergs Aho2004It's peak iceberg season in the0:02:00128M44
20040225.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:01:34Earthwatch Radio: Primate Plig2004The UN launches a major effort t0:02:00128M44
20040308.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:08:54Earthwatch Radio: Changing the2004Our growing consum0:02:00128M44
20031007.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:57:59Earthwatch Radio: Reef Residen20030:02:00128M44
20031218.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:35Earthwatch Radio: Balancing th2003When it comes to nature's bank a0:02:01128M44
20040304.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:08:46Earthwatch Radio: Unintended C2004The "dolphin-safe" tuna campaign0:02:00128M44
20021211.mp3 0.902.11.27 17:21:35Earthwatch Radio: The Climate0:01:59 64M22
20021226.mp3 0.902.11.27 17:26:36Earthwatch Radio: Reindeer Ran0:02:01 64M22
20021202.mp3 0.902.11.27 17:19:55Earthwatch Radio: Frightening0:02:00 64M22
20021219.mp3 0.902.11.27 17:24:44Earthwatch Radio: Hungry World0:02:00 64M22
20031127.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:01:05Earthwatch Radio: Mean Green C2003Native clams adapt to an invasio0:02:04128M44
20031128.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:59:37Earthwatch Radio: Reorganizing2003Genetic scientists are helping t0:02:01128M44
20040202.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:00:26Earthwatch Radio: Tropical Fis2004Researchers in Maine are trying0:02:01128M44
20031020.mp3 17:58:34Earthwatch Radio: A Whale of a20030:02:05128M44
20040204.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:00:34Earthwatch Radio: Emotional Ba2004Reacting without thinking can sa0:02:04128M44
20040319.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:28Earthwatch Radio: Wetland in S2004Experts want to restore a vast w0:02:00128M44
20031208.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:01:58Earthwatch Radio: Aspen Incent2003A Colorado community rewards hom0:02:04128M44
20030923.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:45:04Earthwatch Radio:20030:02:03128M44
20040311.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:06Earthwatch Radio: When Disease2004Experts are studying th0:02:00128M44
20040227.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:00:22Earthwatch Radio: Multiple Use2004A former official who0:02:00128M44
20040315.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:13Earthwatch Radio: The Ice Patr2004An organization th0:02:00128M44
20031216.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:02:26Earthwatch Radio: The Trouble2003Toxic metals in debris from old0:02:01128M44
20040302.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:08:38Earthwatch Radio: No Snow, No2004/ The cold and snowy0:02:00128M44
20040316.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:17Earthwatch Radio: Melting Mogu2004Climate changes could leave some0:02:00128M44
20031008.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:58:03Earthwatch Radio: The Party's20030:02:00128M44
20040224.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:01:30Earthwatch Radio: Lost and Fou2004Frustration and panic can be you0:02:01128M44
20040203.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:00:30Earthwatch Radio: Fish on Proz2004Fish in some open waters are sho0:02:00128M44
20031217.mp3 18:02:31Earthwatch Radio: Global Justi2003Global warming will hit the worl0:02:05128M44
20040429.mp3 1.904.04.01 18:25:36Earthwatch Radio: Community Co2004An urban designer0:02:01128M44
20040416.mp3 1.904.04.01 18:25:01Earthwatch Radio: Environmenta2004An urban designer0:02:00128M44
20040206.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:00:43Earthwatch Radio: Enormous and2004A world filled with a bill0:02:01128M44
20040309.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:08:58Earthwatch Radio: Keeping Scho2004Wisconsin scientists offer help0:01:59128M44
20040226.mp3 1.904.01.31 23:01:38Earthwatch Radio: A Hot Topic2004Air pollution appears to give ri0:02:01128M44
20031104.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:59:44Earthwatch Radio: Feral, Fat a2003Wild pigs on an island near Ge0:02:03128M44
20030701.mp3 1.903.06.26 15:06:59Earthwatch Radio: Crushed Ice0:02:01128M44
20040318.mp3 1.904.02.27 17:09:24Earthwatch Radio: Fear Pressur2004/ People on wilderne0:02:00128M44
20030812.mp3 1.903.12.04 18:32:49Earthwatch Radio: A Matter of20030:02:04128M44
20031010.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:58:11Earthwatch Radio: Asian Ozone20030:02:00128M44
20031015.mp3 1.903.12.04 17:58:22Earthwatch Radio: Gas Leak20030:02:00128M44

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